Yoga means union

Experience immersive teachings for practical applications in life.

In the western hemisphere, most people know Yoga as a teaching of postures. This is known as Asana. It is only one out of 8 so called limbs of Yoga. We explore and teach a holistic program that includes the 8 limbs of Yoga as well as modern western science. Furthermore, we don’t introduce belief-systems, as Yoga in itself is a series of ancient teachings, free of all religions or beliefs.

Woman perform yoga in nature in front of river and stone wall

Classes Nationwide

We work with selected Yoga studios all over the nation, so your teams don’t have to travel far, to enjoy the great benefits of holistic teachings.
Most classes include course material or special access to online material and workbooks.

If you operate a Yoga studio and would like to join our class network, please contact us. 

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