Creating Classes

YamVeda creates life changing classes, by fusing modern science with ancient teachings.
We are a team of yogis and researchers that love to create immersive teaching experiences by combining ancient wisdom with modern science. These teachings are packaged into concise classes and marketed by our marketing and sales teams to corporate and private clients. We then partner with yoga instructors all over the nation to teach these classes.
As a yoga instructor or studio owner you not only get compensated for your time and space provided, but also have the opportunity to engage with new potential long term clients for your studio.


We are Yogis & Geeks that love to serve and help shaping our new and more inclusive society, that is rapidly emerging.

Nikolai Manek
Nikolai ManekCEO
Nikolai Manek has decades of leadership experience in C level roles. He has been an avid meditator for more than 30 years and practices Reiki in private sessions. Nikolai is IT expert and innovates in the area of AI and consciousness research.
Courtney Force
Courtney ForceSocial Media Manager
Courtney has more than 10 years of extensive marketing experience and is a wizard in marketing automation.