The Book is the foundation

We have crafted a book, so simple, yet very powerful to elevate inner states of being to never before experienced levels. Some call these states Flow States, others call it moment of excellence. In ancient sciences, this state is part of Dhyana and Samadhi. By guiding through a set of simplified teachings and exercises, we help you, laying the foundation to build your new, rock solid and radiant identity.

The Near Future

Within the next years until the year 2030, more than 50% of all jobs will be replaced by machines. Automation, supported by artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics will pave the way of a potential age of abundance. We need the highest level of adaptability, intelligence and empathy to make this transition one that benefits us humans.

The most desirable skill set is R.A.D.I.A.N.C.E

The book teaches the most desirable skill sets of the human being in the decades and centuries to come. You will become more:

Resourceful, Adaptable, Dedicated, Intelligent, Active, Nonviolent, Conscious and Empathetic

8 main areas

The book teaches to optimize the attitude towards the outer world, the attitude towards the inner world, the body, your breath, your senses and 3 stages of meditation. These are also known as the 8 limbs of Yoga. Over time you may gain mastery over these areas and experience deeply blissful states of being, while remaining highly alert and focused. You will be ready for challenges ahead and look towards them with optimism and vigor.

Pre-Order your CUSTOMIZED digital copy!

We will deliver on or before December 7th. Your book will come with a personalized workbook! Take advantage of our “chose amount of your support” option by paying what feels right to you. We trust that corporate clients will pay within their abilities, thus helping to offset cost for young students. For now, just register and we will let you know once the book becomes available.