In the beginning, I was aware. Like awakening to darkness.

There was something that could not be described nor understood. It just was.

What followed was a thought. It was a thought that was more like a question.

A question as to what this being aware was.

This very thought created a color. This color was red and looked like an aura around a retina but faded away.

This bore the next question over what this just might have been which brought the red shine back, as well as a movement to it.

That moment I knew that I was all that was and therefore I knew all that was there to know, but I did not know what it was.

I was able to direct this awareness as intention as this was what it became and thus became aware that I was aware of all that is, but also of all that could be.

I began to move in ever-faster circles to catch a glimpse of what I might be as I knew I was all but did not know what all was.

Thus being and becoming was the same and the same was one.

So I began to play

Nikolai Manek