Everyone has a spark of love.

If you mistreat it, your heart will protect it.

It will hide it better and better from you until you are ready to nurture it.

When you do, it will become a flame.

A flame, so bright that others can see it.

So radiant that it warms others and fills them with light.

Once your spark ignites it can shine for everyone for love is infinite.

It, however, has to be set free first as you can only give what you have.

What are you feeding?

A light in the depth of your chest…

A glow that is always there…

When you forget, loneliness and anger arise easily.

But every time love fills your heart and you give freely of it,

when you help a child, pick up some trash, smile at someone,

this light shines through.

It’s growing right there in your chest.

Then when you least expect it, when you forget, when you feel down,

it finds a way to make itself known.

It makes you look at something beautiful…

It triggers a good memory…

Then you pay attention and remember!

It is the essence of love, always, and with everyone.

It is what makes you alive.

It is what keeps you connected to “the all”

We all have it, just sometimes we can’t see it under all the stories we tell ourselves.

Just listen and call out for the love within and it will answer.

 Nikolai Manek