Our goal is to make advanced Vedic science available to the masses. As more decision makers all over the world learn to unlock their fullest inner potential the more we will see conscious corporate behavior.

Developing R.A.D.I.A.N.C.E

Loving kindness will become a real player in this new world. As Dr. Who from the British TV show once said: “Be loving if you can, be kind always!”, this might just become the mantra of a new world. If we all can agree on kindness as a the minimum courtesy of human interaction, we are all in for a great ride in a paradise on earth.

We believe, the skills needed in the new age, center around a certain set of human qualities, that we call the RADIANCE skills, those are:


The foundation. Physical, mental, financial stability and the understanding that this is important leads to a solid foundation on which a future can be built. This then is being filled with the other mentioned skills leading to the ability to reach into once own profound depth, sourcing solutions for any kind of situation – known as being resourceful.


Flexibility and open to new pathways. As stagnation brings decline, ability to adapt to the environment, is imperative for business and private success. Life is a constant play of compromises and changes, leading to the outcome that has been balances best amongst all interest.


Focus and dedication to the task on hand. Freedom from influences that distract and inherently aware, that all has its time and place. The ability to dedicate energy where it is needed most.


Our intelligence has been millions of years in the making. It is important to understand that we often make the mistake by judging intelligence by the ability to combine certain mathematical, graphical or language concepts into new form. However, as the mind can only construct on what it has available, intelligence would have to be measured by the ability to utilize what is available in memory in an optimized way. There is strong evidence, intelligence rises at higher level of available energy as well as with the least amount of obstruction.


Vitality born from a vibrant system, created by the right nutrition, sleep and utilization of the mind.


The ability to embrace conflict as opportunity for progress.


The level of inclusiveness


The ability to walk in another persons shoes, thus being able to add vantage points to views. This allows for more harmonious environments, leading to life success.