Do not sit idle, take your God-given gifts and help,

support, uplift, protect, inspire and love…

Shine brighter and brighter….

then as your light becomes visible, picking you up I will,

I might be testing you, bending you, pushing you,

pulling you,

tempting you with riches to forget the weak,

threatening you with violence to betray your friends,

burning you, screaming at you,

leaving you alone, giving you false friends and then in all this,

you will be forged to ever stronger levels so one day,

you’ll rise,

co-creating worlds,

one of the founders you will be,



un-bendable but kind.

Full of love.

So take a good look at your life at every moment,

is this how you want your dance to be seen?

Is this the strongest hand you play?

Always be aware, once you ask for help to rise,

help will be given.

Just, it is not a path for the weak but a path of initiation to become a foundation for your brethren,

a rock they can lean on.

Are you ready for this,

if so, stand up, fist on your chest and say out loud, shout from the bottom of your soul:

I am!

– Nikolai Manek