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Fast Asleep

68% of adults in the United States suffer from sleep troubles, 27% of these severe. They have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Our “FAST ASLEEP” program offers a holistic and proven approach to regain natural balance. You will learn, how to end your days with a joyful experience of falling asleep with ease and experience a deep and rejuvenating rest. Your mornings will let you wake with a crisp mind and restored body to tackle the day.

  • Relaxation

  • Regain sleep confidence

  • Restore Natural Beauty

  • How to use aromatic oils

  • Class comes with workbooks

This class will give you the tools and knowledge, to gain mastery over your sleep. Regain confidence in the natural processes of the body by utilizing our gentle guidance of the “FAST ASLEEP” program. Sleeping like royalty will become your new normal with this entertaining and very relaxing 3 hour class, taught by experienced teachers with additional guidance from our YamVeda subject matter experts.