Unified as one 

a reflection to emerge 

Two dancers, eye to eye… 

Ever closer in unfathomable attraction 


Billions of pieces born of their passion 

Circulating in gravity and held in place by each other’s dance  

Infinite intelligence comprehending the dancers ruler-ship 

It intensifies 

As above so below  

As within so without  

Within, bright dancers emerge, reflecting their parents passion 

Even surpassing their brilliance 

Plugged one by one, set aside for their own parquet…. 

A smile born from love, embracing each other in a kiss  

They merge 

breathing in deeply… 

one becomes one and the dance begins once more  




Creating forevermore 

Whispering through the fabric of space

Be bold our children

Become your best 

Let your dance be seen

– Nikolai Manek